About Rage Chess

Picture this: You're in the middle of a chess match and your opponent strikes that sneaky move you should have seen coming.

What's your emotional impulse? Flip the chess board and let the pieces fly across the room? Break the chess board with a hammer? Pick up your trusty bow and arrow and shoot your king into the sky?

Now you can!

Optimized for

Oculus Quest 2

Rage Chess is a virtual reality game that allows users to play chess and express their emotions throughout the game. Choose single player to try your luck against the Stockfish bot, or choose multiplayer to play with friends!

Built with

Unity 2021
Photon Pun 2
Plastic SCM
Visual Studio Code
(New!) Stockfish Chess Engine


Meet the Rage Chess Team
All ragers had a hand in all areas of development and deployment of Rage Chess

Speaker 1

Ayden Townsley

Chief Stockfish Officer

Speaker 2

Peyton Smith

Multiplayer Madman

Speaker 3

Kyle Whitten

Stay at Home Dog Dad

Speaker 4

Valerie Nierenberg

Planning Warrior