I am Ayden Townsley

about me;

I am Tulsa based, certified Full Stack Software Engineer with a specialty in XR Development. I love building things that make people smile, and communicating the process behind the work. I take pride in being able to break down the process into steps that anyone can understand, no matter your background. I am passionate about creating tools that matter and constantly learning along the way.

I have experience in C# and Python and in my freetime I am learning Ruby on Rails and building VR games.

I have some fun projects that I am currently working on that you can check out below!

Thanks for stopping by!


AirBnB Clone

Web Development

This projects spans several iterations. In order to familiarize ourselves with not only building dynamic web pages, but also getting used to jumping into other peoples code bases and being able to orient ourselves and make plans, and execute based on the past work, and possibly fix issues that exist.

  • Version 1
  • Version 2
  • Version 3
  • Version 4
  • Simple Unix Shell

    Planning and Development

    I worked with a partner to roadmap and execute a simple shell program in C. Now C may not seem relevant today, but the lessons learned in mapping out, dividing up, executing, and testing a program like this are. This project help me build my methodology for how I attack any problem.

    Click here to view our code

    Stockfish in VR

    Algorithms (and multithreading)

    While this looks like a VR project, its more of a show in algorithmic thinking. I wanted to bring single player to Rage Chess (seen below) so I built a program for converting a 3D game board state into a FEN string for a uci chess engine. This allows us to query the engine and get a move suggestion.

  • FEN Script
  • Project page
  • Rage Chess

    VR Development

    A VR experience for people who might just kind of hate losing. Rage Chess is a fully immersive online mulitplayer VR game that incorporates ability to express that anger you get when you are not doing as well as you had hoped.

    Download it Here!

    Cozy Island's Eating Contest

    WebVR & Game Development

    A WebVR game based on the idea of the Coney Island Hot Dog Challenge. "Eat" as much food as you can in the time allotted. WebVR is limited but I think it lends itself to games like this, or the browser games of the past! I am sure there is more to come for me in this area!

    Click here to play! (Use VR browser for best experience)

    AR Facial Filters

    AR Development & Design

    Augmented reality is another aspect of XR development. The most visible examples is facial filters used on social media applications. I have created several filters using Spark AR, that can be used on Instagram and Facebook. You can see all the ones I have created by visitng my instagram and looking under the filters tab.

    Example of "Guy I Used to Know" filter.

    AR Business Card

    AR Development & Design

    Using Unity in tandem with Vuforia, it is possible to create a virtual 3D business card that appears when a physical target is scanned. The virtual card has "hot zones" that can be used to redirect to relevant information.

    Video of Card in action!

    Guy in the Sky

    Game Design

    A 3D platformer game made with Unity. I learned so much about a million different aspects of game design. Audio, was the main eye opener. Having good sounds and music are so essential to a fun and immersive game! I have kept that in mind, with every new project I take on.

    Click here to play! (Desktop Only)

    Stay tuned for more...